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Farm Update.....

Hi so we took a photo of the family for a newspaper piece on Inland Rail and how it is going to affect our lives and business so I suppose it's the right time to give everyone an update.

Inland Rail have released the Draft Environmental Impact Study on the Border to Gowrie leg of the Inland Rail.   The design puts a level crossing over the Millmerran Rd at our driveway.  Apart from the noise of having a double stacked freight train 600m from our house, this is a dangerous design and represents a corporation trying to save money by bulldozing farmland so they don't have to clear their own scrub.  They have admitted to having a management edict to target farm-land because it's cheaper to force farmers to sell than to do the earthworks through the scrub.

The below image depicts the path they have chosen instead of going through the scrub north of Woodspring for cost reasons, or the Goondiwindi Regional Council preferred route (rejected for cost reasons) of going through the forestry even further west.



Inland Rail Will Destroy Woodspring

If the rail goes through the way it has been designed/released in the draft EIS

  • According to the Inland Rail Environment Impact Study alarm clock sound pressure levels will be INSIDE the house for six minutes per hour EVERY hour 24x7 - up to 40 3.6km long double stacked trains per day blowing their air horn at the level crossing next to our home where we home-school, I work from my office and we raise your beef!
  • The level crossing will be close to the house resulting in heavy trucks having to start and stop.  This is against the National Rail Safety Regulator who says that there are no safe level crossings and that they should not be used in new installations.
  • We will be forced to move, and Inland Rail refuses to accept liability for the unlivability of the property and therefore claims to owe us nothing so we would not be able to setup elsewhere as we would have no money to do so.

Not only are we being reduced to a dollar sign, but we are not being given the choice to pay it as obvious alternatives are available through scrub land at minor cost increase to the already 14billion dollar project.

We haven't given up.  We're putting in a response to the EIS and so is the department of Transport and Main Roads (level crossings are crazy!) and so is the Goondiwindi Regional Council, but if we are ignored and the Coordinator General rubber stamps this, we are goners.  We are trying to apply political pressure through ads and elected representatives to get an agreement to move the rail line off the current position before "it all just happens" and we are facing decimation of our whole lives' investment.  Anyone who has been here knows my passion for my paddocks, the time, effort and money poured into our soils, processes and farm.

Please share this however you can.  Make an EIS submission.  Ring your local member and tell them that it's just not on.  Ring a radio station?  I don't know and we're starting to get a little desperate.  Maybe someone is in a position to help.  We are literally at the mercy of a corporation with an edict to save every dollar they can at the expense of every day people and backed by our own government.   Thank you.  However you can help WILL make a difference.





EIS Submissions

Please add your own address and any concerns you have and email to [email protected] to be received on or before the 19th April
The text below is some suggestions of what might be of concern to you.

Dear Co-ordinator General,
My name is
and my address is
I have the following concerns regarding the draft environmental impact statement for Inland Rail.
ARTC admits residences within 1km of the rail may experience noise at night above 49dB (Chapter 14 page 35 draft EIS) The evidence for increased rates of hypertension and myocardial infarction is strong when maximum night noise is above 50dB (Night Noise Guideline for Europe, WHO, 2009) with other long term effects likely but not yet proven. I believe it should be a condition of the EIS that every residence within 1km of the rail is offered sound mitigation including where possible (but not limited to) rail dampers, track lubrication, noise barriers, earth mounds, insulation, double glazed windows and air conditioners or any combination of these that will bring the night noise below a LAmax of 49. This should be at the proponents expense, and built by the proponent or its contractors prior to the Border to Gowie section of Inland Rail becoming operational.
The Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator and Queensland Transport and Main Roads both have policies of no new level crossings due to the severity of potential high speed train/heavy vehicle crashes. There are over 600 near misses yearly, and were 40 collisions between trains and road vehicles in 2017-2019, many resulting in fatalities. For this reason, I believe the EIS should be conditional upon no new level crossings being built over state or council roads.